Shells 'R Us LLC is also Hear 4 Ever LLC, our companion business: 

What better to go with EXCELLENT shotgun shells than INSTA-MOLD hearing protection?

When our customers asked for custom molded hearing protection, we listened!

As E.A.R. Inc. Authorized Providers, we will be making custom molded ear plugs at events for you to take home with you in about an hour. We will also be able to make impressions for electronic hearing protection for shooting, hunting, motorcycling, racing, music, law enforcement communications and watersports. 

As a mobile business, we can work with you to set up an event at your local gun range or sportsman's club. In addition, take a look at our Event Schedule page here to see what events we are already planning on attending and making ear plugs. Be sure to follow Hear 4 Ever LLC on Facebook or check out our website to watch for upcoming events as well.

**Victory Ammunition  shot shells in stock. Please ask Chris for more information.

We are also an authorized Pilla Eyewear Retailer, authorized EAR Inc. custom hearing protection providers and   carry J Dewey Brass Cleaning Rods, Payne Galway bore and chamber brushes, QMaxx and Gunzilla Cleaning products! 

Traveling to an event? We can ship it direct to your hotel in most states. Check out our "Shop Now" page to see more about our products...



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